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Womb Wellness Handsewn Belly Binds

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This ancient practice of self care carries back to the women of Taiwan who passed this ritual on as a means of caring for and nurturing the womb space.
Traditionally the belly bind is worn by but not limited to postpartum mothers, but can truly provide healing and emotional support for any woman who is looking to connect deeper with their womb space. The old traditions have been lost and this can be a great opportunity to reconnect- something as simple yet symbolic, a garment to serve as a completion of a cycle and to show the vulnerability and the strength of this incredible organ. Also, to be open about that time in ones path is a beautiful reflection and reminder of the importance of self care- as initiation. You can see it as the shield of the womb for the feminine, if you will. Emotional benefits are endless and felt instantly. 

The main physical benefits being;

  • aids in shrinking of the uterus after birth
  • supports healthy milk production and overall breast health
  • balances hormones 
  • supports the spine and low back
  • creates gentle pressure in the center giving you the feeling of centered-ness and grounded-ness. 

  • CAN BE WORN UP TO FIVE HOURS A DAY, wear as needed, hand wash only. 

  • Instructions on how to wear your belly bind included, for reference visit the full video tutorial on IGTV @reikiwomb 🙏🏽 

  • (13 yards of fabric) sent with love and blessed with reiki healing energy!