Phoenix Dreamweaver

Rewiring the Grey Matter 7 Chakra Dreamcatcher

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This beautiful one of a kind design is handmade with the healing intention of balance, alignment & self empowerment.
The cooling grey represents the blend of black and white- balance of yin and yang and literally the grey matter of the brain that is regenerated during meditation practice.
The stones placed in the "web" of the dream wheel represent the bodies 7 chakra centers and serve as a practical and beautiful way of understanding and teaching this system. 
1-2 weeks processing/shipping time. 
*Disclaimer: not every dreamcatcher will duplicate the exact same way, please be understanding no crystal is the same and no dream web pattern is the same either. Every piece is unique and handmade.
Thank you for appreciating its uniqueness and one of a kindness.
May these dream wheels bless and uplift the spaces of healers, yoga studios, temples and sanctuaries all over the globe!

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