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Mommy & Me: Air

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The Air element connects to the vast network of breath¬†- from winds to the first cry of a baby from the womb. The ethereal plane and connecting to the One mind - wisdom - spirit(s) and soul. The sound is The Universal OM. ūüƨ

The healing crystals in this grid are:

~Clear Quartz Arrowhead (clarity of thought, peace, direction)

~Selenite (Spiritual activation, communion with Higher Self, spirit guides and communication with the angels) 

*Mommy & Me wheels are designed with 2 in mind. Keep them both, share with another or even gift one away. Created with a sacred connection in mind these wheels are great for homes, mom's to be, mom's already and even between soul friends. The larger wheel is a sized in medium and the 'baby' a small. They come to you connected together but can be easily detached making 1 wheel become 2 with ease. A symbol of unity and connectedness along with birth and growth.

*Each wheel is made regarding a different element - Air, Water, Fire & Earth. So buy what speaks to you or what speaks to your astrological sign. If purchasing for a mother/baby with different astrological signs our suggestion is to purchase in the mother's sign so as the child or receiver of the smaller wheel will be guided in their givers element.

Medium Wheel - 

10 inches in diameter 

34 inches long

Baby Wheel -

4 inches in diameter 

19 inches long 

1-2 weeks processing/shipping time. 

*Disclaimer: not every dreamcatcher will duplicate the exact same way, please be understanding no crystal is the same and no dream web pattern is the same either. Every piece is unique and handmade. Thank you for appreciating its uniqueness and one of a kindness.

May this dream wheel bless and uplift your sacred space! 


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