Phoenix Dreamweaver

Manifested Element: Water

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Water represents our emotions, intuition, flow and harmony. It speaks to our dreams in clarity and vastness, when we dream of water we are directly speaking to our emotional body. 

"We live in the waters of our Mothers womb." Hopi grandmother Mona Pollacca 

To deepen your practice with water energy, healing and blessings look up 'Water Blessing' from the Internstional Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. 🌊

The healing crystals in this dream grid are:

~Ocean Seashell (living prayer from the sea) 

~Blue/Green Jade (inner serenity, tenderness) 

~Chrysocolla (communication, truth, expression of the sacred, gentleness and power) 

19 inches in diameter 

53 inches long 

*Each wheel is made regarding a different element - Air, Water, Fire & Earth. So buy what speaks to you or what speaks to your astrological sign. If purchasing for a mother/baby with different astrological signs our suggestion is to purchase in the mother's sign so as the child or receiver of the smaller wheel will be guided in their givers element.

May these dream wheels bless and uplift your sacred space.~


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