Phoenix Dreamweaver

Calm Mama Medicine Wheel

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This gorgeous Medicine Wheel was inspired by the qualities of CALM, PEACE and FORGIVENESS. She features soothing, neutral plush greys and shimmery silver, cream and angelic white. 

The crystals used are:

-Selenite for communion with Higher Self and auric field clearing, grounding and all chakra balancing. 

-Moss Agate donut for Earth connection, stability, emotional wellness and joy. 

-Pink Opal for heart healing, balancing giving and receiving energy and forgiveness. Encourages compassion and self love. 

19 inches wide

54 inches long 

1-2 weeks processing/shipping time. 

*Disclaimer: not every dreamcatcher will duplicate the exact same way, please be understanding no crystal is the same and no dream web pattern is the same either. Every piece is unique and handmade. Thank you for appreciating its uniqueness and one of a kindness.

May this dream wheel bless and uplift your sacred space!