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Birth Chart Reading (Written Version)

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Astrology is a powerful tool for self realization, our personal blueprint, our guide for deeply knowing ourself and all the layers that make us unique.

It becomes a love language- always something you can rely on and study and appreciate over time.

The standard means of getting your natal chart now a days is in email format, sent as a PDF with less of a personal touch and more of a standardized version to apply to the masses. 

I absolutely love to help people discover more about themselves, where they come from, where they are headed, and to not only give them a “screenshot of the stars and planets during the moment of your birth” but to really help them unlock their highest potentials through the language of astrology.

This natal chart analysis consists of a full length written channeled description of your entire chart, including all 9 planets, your north & south nodes, Chiron and other aspects that are relevant as well as a summary of today’s astrological influence on your chart/transits. 

Details needed:

  1. Full Name
  2. Birth Date, Time & Location 
  3. Valid Email Address