Alyssa Danielle Campo~ The Phoenix Dreamweaver

Angelic Communication XL Medicine Wheel

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This gorgeous one of a kind design was made with the intention of clearing and opening ones throat chakra and connecting with ones guides and angels.
The soothing blues and mint green hit the soft white hues and create a calming effect on the mind and emotional body.

The dream catcher features an abalone shell, for ocean energy, rose quartz for emotional and heart healing, citrine for courage and will power and amber for deepening ones joy being in their body and for foundational health and wellness. 

19 inches wide

55 inches long 

1-2 weeks processing/shipping time. 

*Disclaimer: not every dreamcatcher will duplicate the exact same way, please be understanding no crystal is the same and no dream web pattern is the same either. Every piece is unique and handmade. Thank you for appreciating its uniqueness and one of a kindness.

May this dream wheel bless and uplift your sacred space!