The Woman Behind the Wheel

Hello sweet Dreamer, I am so happy you are here. 
Your intuition has lead you to this space and I couldn't be happier to be here, sharing space together.
Welcome to the Reiki Womb, a living wheel of heartfelt creations, offerings and insights birthed in the realm of magic and loving intention to serve & celebrate sacred souls, like you, all over the world.
I wanted to share a little about me, why I do what I do and how it all works. The intention, energy, love behind the magic.
My name is Alyssa, like the Alyssum flowers, it means noble one.
I am the creatrix and Mama Phoenix behind the wheel, channeling messages from Spirit in the form of webbed light.
I am a woman who is deeply passionate about healing and healing through art.
I make these dream wheels as my prayer. My devotion. My offering to Source. And to you...
I am a yoga teaching, crystal gridding, peace dancing- mother of 3 boys and a wife to a dreamer, too.
Together we are passionate to serve, teach and share about vibrational adornment, creating sacred space and the passing of knowledge through arts and sacred ceremony.
I am a woman who is dedicated to preserving the ancient healing arts, and bringing back the tribe.
It begins, for me, behind the web, in creation mode. Talking with Spirit in this language I call the wheel.
I am a woman who rises with the sun to sit with the elements and give thanks.
I choose love. I choose forgiveness. I choose tenderness. I choose color and vibration.
I am a woman who sees the world as a sacred place, where we are supported to shine our lights. This is our birth right.
These spiritual tools as my offering, I am a woman who believes in you, and wants to hold space for you.
THIS is why we are here.
When we feel nourished and charged by our environment we can move deeper into the body and healing can take place; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
And so, what happens?
We remember. We remember to be in our natural state.
Beautifully being, creating, and loving, the way we were meant to.
This is my dream.
All my love,
Alyssa Danielle Campo

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