Healing the Sacral Chakra

Healing the Sacral Chakra: Ignite your passions, begin creating again.
One of my favorite things to share are ways to activate our OWN healing abilities. Today I'm going to share one on the sacral chakra, dealing with our sensuality, passion, creativity and relationships. In my personal experience, healing this area of our lives has brought so much joy and helped me experience closer, stronger relationships. Also, I've learned (and am still learning) how to love myself. Self love will change the world, I believe. So thank you for doing this with me!
Make sure you are giving yourself the time and space to be undisturbed and set up your sacred space however you feel is best, the dream wheel to work with for this meditation is The Phoenix Medicine Wheel, for renewal and passion ignited.
Relax, and follow my words...
In a comfortable position, either seated easy pose or laying down, we begin.
Feel into the body, with a deep exhale. Coming into the here and now of this moment, accepting this gift of healing and renewal for yourself. Thanking yourself, for showing up in this way.
Exhale, let the stress from the day drain out of the body. With every exhale. This is making you feel lighter, more open and expansive. See the tension, numbness, stagnation leaving the physical body, draining out. Like a fog coming out of the feet, into the Earth to be transmuted by her. Letting it all go.
Once you feel lighter, visualize the bottoms of your feet. How do they look? How do they feel? Are they nourished? Hydrated?
Take a moment, feeling your natural healing abilities switch on. See them replenishing, feel the emotion of being DEEPLY NOURISHED. From your core. In your mind's eye, or aloud say "I am deeply nourished."
Feel the cells in your body respond to that, I am deeply nourished.
Move along the body, to the ankles. Feel the strength of your foundation. Feel yourself being supported.
To the legs, how they carry you wherever you need to go. Love them, replenish.
However this comes through, SEE the healing taking place.
The color is a vibrant orange, like a luscious juicy tangerine, see it moving through the body.
Keep with this visualization as you move up the chakra line, finally reaching your crown.
End here with a smile and a bow to your health and well-being and honoring your sacred vessel. Offering yourself all the love, attention, and healing energy you are SO worthy of receiving.
Namaste, all my love,
Alyssa Danielle

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